Where to stay in London

Photo of Wombat's City Hostel

Travel and lifestyle influencer Kim Leuenberger (@kim.ou) said: “All I need to get inspiration flowing is pretty simple: a large window. Wombats City Hostel is one of the coolest and cheapest places I've seen just a few minutes’ walk from Tower Bridge and East London. Not at all what you'd expect from a hostel, it has got everything you'd want!”


Inexpensive Eats

Photo of Ozone Coffee Roasters in Old Street, London

Kim recommended the Ozone Coffee Roasters in Old Street for her top affordable place to eat in London. She said: “This is one of my favourite places to have a delicious little brunch, lunch or evening meal. The inside of the little restaurant is so beautiful. They've got the best light for food photography – ask to be seated by the large window. And they grind their own coffee downstairs!”

“This lovely little spot is in one of London’s most up-and-coming areas, just next to Old Street tube station.”


Free thing to do

Photo of the Shard in London

Want to enjoy a fabulous view of the city from above? Kim recommends climbing up one of these mighty skyscrapers to see what the city has to offer! “Did you know that if you book a little in advance, you can get tickets to go up the Walkie Talkie Sky Garden for free?”

“I always amaze my international guests when I take them there – they always think I'm the most generous person in the world, ha!”

There are many tall buildings with viewing platforms which charge for the pleasure, but if you are smart you can find free views of this stunning and diverse city.


One thing not to miss

Photo view of Tower Bridge in London

“What a view! Hard to believe it's completely free!” Kim picked the Tower Bridge as her one thing not to miss in London. She said: “I'm always amazed when I walk down Southbank from Tower Bridge, all the way to Westminster Bridge. I absolutely love how these old London landmarks are mixed in with the newer ones. You get a completely different atmosphere walking there at night compared with the day.”

“If you spend a weekend in London, the landmarks along this stretch of the Thames are not to be missed. It is probably one of the most beautiful and interesting walks in any city in the world.”

9/8/2017 2:31:48 PM