Why claim direct with FSCS?

When your financial firm fails, there are two ways you can claim compensation: direct with FSCS for free, or through a claims management company (CMC) who’ll charge a fee to handle your claim.   

FSCS is independent, free and funded by the financial services industry. We were set up by parliament to pay back money to eligible people when their financial firm fails.

You should claim directly through FSCS because... 

You’ll get more money  

Did you know that a Claims Management Company (CMC) will take a cut of your compensation?

By claiming directly through us, you pay no fees, and get 100% of the compensation. You could be thousands of pounds better off.  

It’s just as quick to claim direct through us 

Whether you take your claim to a Claims Management Company, or come straight to us, you'll have to provide the same information.

That's because each Claims Management Company needs to go through us, regardless, so you may as well do it yourself. 

We’re here to help  

We know it can be a difficult time. That's why our friendly customer service team is here to support you at every stage. 

It’s straightforward to complete your claim application in your own time. If you can’t finish it in one go, you can always save it and come back to it later.

You can also check your claim’s progress at any time in your online account. 

If you think you’ve got a claim, click the button below to get started.