Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

At FSCS we're on a mission to achieve an equitable experience for all: we recognise the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can succeed in achieving both their personal and professional goals.

We have been recognised in a number of national and external awards for our D&I work, including 4th most inclusive employer in the Inclusive Companies Top 50, Personnel Today 2021 for our Family Friendly policies, PIMFA D&I awards 2021 for Inclusive Talent Management, Women in Finance Employer of the Year 2021 and FT Adviser Diversity in Finance’s Trailblazing Company of the Year 2021

Our D&I approach

  • Recruitment: From inclusive job descriptions to unconscious bias training for hiring managers, to working with specialist job boards, to actively empowering employees to work flexibly, inclusion is built into every aspect of our talent management strategy.
  • Awareness: Webinars with external partners on topics ranging from neurodiversity, women’s health, men's mental health to privilege and race.

Spotlight on race and ethnicity

We've put a strong focus on our race and ethnicity work at FSCS over the past 3 years. We're founding signatories of BITC’s Race at Work Charter and Change the Race Ratio and we're continuing our journey to ensure everyone from every ethnic background has an equitable experience at FSCS. 

We want to close our ethnicity pay gap and see more ethnic diversity at senior levels of our organisation. We’ve increased the number of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic managers to 17% from 10%; and more than a third of employees (38%) now come from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Spotlight on gender

At FSCS, we are proud of the work we have done to provide an equitable experience for men and women in the workplace; and will use our approach to gender as a template for our work in other areas, to ensure that everyone who works for FSCS, feel that they belong. We’ve reduced our gender pay gap from 18% in favour of men to 1.3% in favour of women in just 3 years. 75% of our Executive team are female, 67% of our Board members are female and 50% of our senior managers are female.

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Our future focus…

Disability and Neurodiversity
We know we need to further enhance our work on disability. This year we have been working with EvenBreak, Do-It and Leonard Cheshire to make this happen.  We have disability confident leadership status and are currently developing our Disability Internship Programme as part of Leonard Cheshire’s Change 100 initiative which will launch in summer 2023.

Socio-economic impact
We know that our socio-economic background can have an impact on future prospects.  At FSCS we are committed to ensure we attract talent from all socio-economic backgrounds and give everyone an equitable experience at FSCS.  We will be doing the groundwork up to January 2023 to start capturing data to influence our strategy on our socio-economic equity work.  Please check back soon to view our strategy for 2023.

<p>Alethea Beharie-Campbell, Recoveries Legal Specialist</p>

Alethea Beharie-Campbell, Recoveries Legal Specialist

“It’s so nice to have that engagement and support,” she says. “It makes you want to go much further in your work and to be a reliable employee who goes the extra mile. You believe in the organisation and you feel supported by it in turn. This organisation is worth 100% of my effort.”