Cookies information

What are 'cookies'?

Cookies are text files that are stored by your internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc) on your computer or mobile device. They allow websites to remember any personal details or settings you’ve applied during your visit. Once created, a website can use cookies to personalise your subsequent visits by displaying your name or recommending content it thinks you may like, for instance.

How does FSCS use cookies?

The FSCS website uses three types of cookie:

  • Accessibility cookies.
  • Anonymous analytics cookies.
  • Session cookies.

You can find more information about the individual cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them in the attached document.

How do I turn cookies off?

It is possible to stop your browser from accepting cookies, but, if you do so, some of the functionality of the FSCS website may no longer be available to you. 

All modern internet browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings will typically be found in the 'options' or 'preferences' menu of your browser. In order to understand these settings, the following pages of guidance may be helpful, otherwise, you should use the 'Help' option in your browser to find out more.

Further information

For more information on how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, please visit