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We don't protect e-money. This article in our News section explains FSCS protection for the money in your accounts.

FSCS can only protect money held by UK branches of authorised banks and building societies. Before opening an account you should check with your firm where it will be holding your deposit and what protection is available. What if my money is held outside of the mainland UK?

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Funded by the financial services industry, FSCS is independent and free, protecting you when financial firms fail. Add your accounts to check how much of your money we protect. Some banks or building societies share protection across different brands, where they operate under one banking licence. Adding all your accounts will highlight if this applies to any of your money.

The protection checker works for cash deposits and e-money, but not investments. You’ll get the most relevant results if you enter the firm reference number (FRN) of your bank, building society or credit union. It should be on its website or you can ask them for it. 

Warning: Scammers can use the name of a legitimate firm to try and get you to part with your money. Always check the FCA register for any warnings about cloned firms.

Results are provided for information purposes only and no representation is given as to their accuracy. Results are based on the Financial Conduct Authority's financial services register. You should always refer to the firm for further information.