“With a little time and creativity you can make hundreds of pounds in additional income,” says financial journalist Katie Morley


Katie has picked three ways to earn extra money and we meet three Money Means readers who boosted their incomes by turning their passions into home-based businesses.


Mystery shopping 

Katie says: “Mystery shoppers earn up to £155 a day and are reimbursed for petrol and hotel stays. Many mystery shopping agencies let you take on assignments whenever suits, so you can fit it around your day job.”


Buy and sell online

Katie says: “Sites like eBay are easy to use and apps like Shpock and Depop let you photograph and sell items straight from your phone. Facebook has also launched a new Marketplace facility for buying and selling without paying fees.”


Make money from your hobby

Katie says: “Whether it’s baking, arts and crafts or music, monetising your hobby could boost your finances. If you’ve a talent like dancing or music you could earn as much as £40 an hour by offering private tutoring or classes to larger groups.”




Sarah Batters, 33, The British Candle Co

“I’m a digital marketing consultant for start-ups but launched The British Candle Company as a side project. I really enjoy making candles and wanted another flexible income stream. The company turned a profit in year one, but I have plans to build it up alongside my consulting work. I love the fact anyone can start a business these days with a laptop.”

How to earn extra money 

Niobe Malcolm, 34, Cushobi

“I work part time in local government and when my youngest started school, in September 2015, I found myself with some extra time on my hands. I wanted something creative to fill my days and drawing cartoons has always been a secret hobby. I realised there could be a market for my quirky doodles, and a chance to earn a little extra money, so I began turning them into greeting cards. I opened my Etsy shop at the beginning of 2016 and haven’t looked back.”

How to make money from home 

Venetia Phipps, 31, Plucking Fabulous

“I’m a corporate lawyer in the real world and a country girl the rest of the time: I turn unwanted feathers into wreaths, brooches and home ware. The designs are handmade using the plumes of game birds, lasting longer than traditional decorations made of holly or ivy. I sell on a made-to-order basis almost entirely through social media and go to around 20 fairs throughout the festive period. I’m a particularly creative person and Plucking Fabulous enables me to fulfill that side of my personality.”


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9/8/2017 2:31:50 PM