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Fancy saving money by using an app? Katie Morley shares the smartest shopping solutions. 

If you love shopping, but you’re restricted to a tight budget, you could save a small fortune by doing a little forward planning and using shopping apps and websites. 

I spoke to experts - and savvy Money Means readers – to find out what they recommend for saving a pretty penny and sticking to their budget.


1. CheckoutSmart - Bethany, North Yorkshire 

CheckoutSmart is my favourite cashback app as it lets you claim loads of freebies. Unlike other apps or websites, it also lets you access some offers more than once. You can get your cashback at any point, but you might want to wait until you’ve earned £20, as you’ll be charged a 5% processing fee.”


2. Trainline - Rebecca, South London

“I travel a lot as I live down south but my parents live up north. The Trainline app is super easy to use and lets you compare the best fares. It does charge a small commission when you book with it: if you want to avoid that, you could always search using Trainline and then book direct.”


3. MySupermarket - Tara Evans, Online Consumer Editor, The Sun  

“I find the MySupermarket app really helpful for saving money in the supermarket. It lets you make a shopping list on your phone and then tells you which supermarket sells those items at the lowest price, alerting you to special offers. I like it because it has historic pricing, so you can tell if you’re getting a bogus deal or a real one.” 


4. Foodmatic Lite - Timothy, Cambridge  

“I hate wasting food that’s about to go off in the fridge, but I struggle to come up with recipe ideas for bits and bobs lying around. That’s where Foodmatic Lite comes in. You enter all the ingredients you have and it suggests tasty and easy to make meal ideas.”


5. eBay - Ariana, Hertfordshire  

"eBay is still great for picking up bargains - from clothes to household stuff - but also for selling unwanted possessions. The user-friendly app lets you know straight away if you’ve nabbed a product at a bargain price with its notifications and bid alerts.”


6. MoneySavingExpert - Katie Morley’s own favourite is a one-stop shop for deals in restaurants, shops and online, and it also has reliable “news you can use” to help you get on top of your finances. Its founder, Martin Lewis, sends out a weekly email filled with highlights so you can get tips straight to your inbox.  

9/8/2017 2:31:47 PM